Technology Overview

The Memoreyes surveillance solution
brings together an unprecedented
set of advanced capabilities

The Memoreyes surveillance solution brings together an unprecedented set of advanced capabilities. View the complete specifications.  Download Brochure

The Camera Housing

  • The Entry/Exit System Housings each contains 7 cameras and 2-3 computers. 4 for reading incoming, passing, departing of all vehicles; the other 3 read license plates including wrong way through exit.
  • The All Property System Housing is a 12’ tall “candy cane” that houses the camera, 2 computers and the Camera Director System.
  • Both housings install in about 4 hours as the system runs on low voltage power (no 120V power install requirements), and wirelessly connect through Ethernet radios to the NVR.
  • Camera housings are weatherproof, including sun shades and operate from 120°F to -20°F
  • Anti-tampering features detect camera pole shaking and initiates local verbal warning through in-housing speaker and directs other cameras to video tamper event

The Cameras

  • The Entry/Exit cameras record in 1080p HD video and are equipped with motion detection and infrared night vision, delivering reliable around-the-clock entrance coverage and license plate reading. Each Memoreyes surveillance post embeds four cameras providing a 360-degree view, plus at three dedicated license-plate cameras.
  • The All Property cameras are 1080p HD Starlight cameras that show color, even at night, up to 200 feet away…clearly
  • The All Property cameras pan, tilt and have a 25x optical zoom bringing you a coverage area the size of two football fields put side by side
  • All cameras are wireless Ethernet connected. We make wireless work 24/7 through remote and in-housing computer monitoring of connections, with auto and remote rebooting of links.
  • Know immediately if there is an equipment failure as all gear is remotely monitored.

The Camera Director

  • Artificial intelligence meets camera systems. Patent pending acoustic/sound sensors direct cameras to look at a noise (glass breaking, loud voices, gunshots, etc.)
  • Patent pending thermal sensors detect humans by body heat at night 80 yards away and direct the starlight camera to look/zoom at target (individuals, crowds or multiple crowds)

The Centralized Data Collection and Display System

  • Includes a very robust, secure and custom Network Video Recorder (NVR). The NVR has128-bit AES encrypted communication, redundant hard drives, approximately 30 days of content storage, and is remotely monitored with supervised power supply and battery backup
  • The NVR software has many convenient features:
    • Only reads/stores motion events; no long hours of “dead” video
    • Thumbnail previews of each car license plate and entry/exit read
    • Easy search functionality through sorting of metadata “tags”, e.g. time and location
    • Software knows/distinguishes residents vs. property visitors…search criteria
    • Software system includes a private, secure website with multiple access levels
  • Includes a 50” HD display typically for the sales office or common area that displays live feeds of all cameras, with customizable display window for property information, etc.

Privacy Protections

Memoreyes has adopted strong privacy protections that benefit owners, managers, and residents, including logging system access and backing up accessed video. Our privacy standards also meet or exceed California’s stringent protections for license plate reading.