Memoreyes today announced the first live field test of its second product the All Property Monitoring System at the Legends property in Atlanta.  Property owners can now move beyond just monitoring their gates or entrances, and cover their entire property.  The All Property PTZ cameras have a 25x optical zoom bringing you a coverage area the size of two football fields put side by side.  CEO John Collings said, “…apartments owners liked what we were doing at their entrance gates and wanted us to develop a product to cover the rest of their property.  These two products will provide a complete solution for multifamily apartment owners at a price that they can afford.”

About Memoreyes:

Memoreyes is based in Atlanta GA. Memoreyes grew from a multifamily housing owner’s request to make their surveillance cameras “smart”. We did that by adding advanced video analytics and later developed sensors to direct the cameras movement through artificial intelligence.  The result is a remarkable solution that transforms how apartment communities approach video surveillance as a management tool. Our expertise includes a thorough understanding of the unique needs of apartment communities and we are also perfect for schools, parks, office buildings and more. Our systems are backed by local installation and support technicians as well as exceptional sourcing relationships that span the globe.  To learn more about Memoreyes, visit


  • Requires No Capital Expenditure
  • Reduces Property Damage and Repair Costs
  • Reduces Need for Expensive Guards
  • Recognizes License Plates to Document Who’s On Property
  • Monitors Gate Performance to Detect Operational Issues
  • Improves Incident Response and Documentation
  • Enhances Resident Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Incorporates Thorough Privacy Protections

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