Hi Resolution Outdoor Surveillance At A Price Everyone Can Afford…
With Benefits Everyone Wants…

Read This Plate at 150’

Identify carried Weapons At 150’


360° 60 yard Radar
120 yards total!

360° Acoustic Targeting
Gunshot Detection!

Powerful Edge AI
Knows What To Look At

Easy to Deploy

Deploys on Light Poles!

Great Coverage!

Custom Mounting Poles



"Memoreyes mitigates so many risks. We haven’t had an event since the system went in."

"This is just a new level of property management efficiency."

"The Memoreyes system allowed us to recover over $8,000 in gate damage expenses."

"Vendors are a lot timelier. And I know for a fact this has helped us attract and retain residents."

"Residents offer comments all of the time about how comforting the system is."