Ethics and Privacy Policy

The Memoreyes intelligent video surveillance system is used primarily in the multi-family apartment and condominium market. The system is comprised of two parts, entrance surveillance and all property surveillance. A property can use one or both parts.

The Memoreyes system is primarily used for property protection of the community. During the task of property protection the system will likely video residents, vendors, visitors and others.

We at Memoreyes feel it is very important that our customers and residents fully understand how our system works, our motivations in creating the system, and what is done with data once video is captured.

The world is made up of primarily, good people. There are always exceptions and we at Memoreyes want to deter those in our communities whom chose to act irresponsibly. The mission of Memoreyes is to deter crime with intelligent surveillance. The Memoreyes Video Surveillance System is intended to deter criminal behavior due to the real threat of detection, discovery, and prosecution for such behavior. Simply put, we want people to know they’ll likely get caught if they do something wrong. Please be aware, it will not deter all actions, this is why residents are solely responsible for their own security. Residents cannot rely on the Memoreyes system preventing reckless or criminal acts on or around the property.

For the majority of the time when people are just going about their lives and the system is recording the property, crime should not be an issue and it is unlikely that anybody from Memoreyes or the property will need to review video. Nobody is watching the property video except as may occasionally and circumstantially occur via local monitors or secure web access. The Memoreyes system stores video for review when something is detected or reported, which we describe as “events”. For short durations property managers can temporarily look at parts of the property and that real-time viewing is logged and access controlled to prevent misuse. Almost exclusively the video taken by the system is analyzed by computers. This analysis is primarily done to categorize video and make it easier for users to sort through video later if an event is reported. Other analysis may be done. The system may detect certain types of events and alert property managers, but the video is primarily held for review. If an event does not occur, no one will need to review the video. The vast majority of video is held for a few months and then erased. We want our customers to know their privacy is maintained and is of the utmost importance to Memoreyes.

Also, while the Memoreyes system is primarily a tool to gather evidence and deter crime over periods of time, please understand the Memoreyes system cannot prevent criminal acts. Personal safety is still the sole responsibility of the community and residents should continue to take necessary precautions to ensure personal safety.

Except as may occasionally and circumstantially happen via local monitors video containing identified persons or vehicles can only be viewed by authorized personnel. Memoreyes recommends this to include identified subject(s), Memoreyes, property management, or authorized enforcement persons during the course of a court ordered investigation by property managers or other authorized personnel.

Unless directed by the subject resident, or law enforcement in the course of an authorized investigation, video is not intentionally kept for more than 90 days. Exceptions may apply. For example, Memoreyes may chose to store video of nonresidents, or nonresident license plate information indefinitely. However, it is important to highlight that video or images will not be released or sold to the public.

The use of Memoreyes system, including license plate reading information, is the sole responsibility of the property owner or manager under license from Memoreyes. Memoreyes recommends the following: license plates of residents are only checked with law enforcement once during enrollment and that property managers Memoreyes do not forward or transfer video or license plate information to law enforcement except as requested by authorized law enforcement under a court order and on a case by case basis; Memoreyes license plate specific data is erased after approximately 90 days.

Memoreyes also owns the rights to the video, video data and audio recorded by the system. Memoreyes has the right to view any and all video. To summarize;

  1. A resident’s safety is the sole responsibility of the resident.
  2. Almost everywhere in the United States, by being on private property you have agreed to allow the property owner to take your picture. Also, as a resident of an apartment community you have very likely already agreed to your picture being taken as part of your apartment lease. So, the property owner or manager has the right to take your or a vehicles picture while in any common area of the property, not inside an apartment though.
  3. Memoreyes is an authorized agent of the property owner.
  4. Memoreyes owns the audio, video and data taken on the property and the property owner or manager has an option to license the use of the audio, video or data for its own account.
  5. Nobody is watching the property video except as may occasionally and circumstantially occur via local monitors or secure web access.
  6. License plate transit data may be viewed and analyzed by Memoreyes, the property owner or manager or its agents,
  7. We don’t sell or share video or license plate reader information with police unless under a court order.
  8. If a property owner or manager or Memoreyes looks at a resident’s license plate transit information, that access, and the information viewed, is logged.
  9. Residents have the right to view the log of access to their data at any reasonable time.
  10. Memoreyes will erase video from the entrance or property view system approximately 90 days after its creation except as saved for reasons above.
  11. Memoreyes will erase other video after one year from creation except if the video is part of a legally authorized investigation.
  12. Your neighbor can’t look at your video and you can’t look at theirs.
  13. You can’t use the system to tell you when your neighbor has left, or arrives.
  14. If Memoreyes determines there is unauthorized access of system data it will endeavor to determine who accessed the system and notify property authorities of the details of the access.

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  • Requires No Capital Expenditure
  • Reduces Property Damage and Repair Costs
  • Reduces Need for Expensive Guards
  • Recognizes License Plates to Document Who’s On Property
  • Monitors Gate Performance to Detect Operational Issues
  • Improves Incident Response and Documentation
  • Enhances Resident Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Incorporates Thorough Privacy Protections

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