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We’d love to hear from you. For more information, or to arrange a no-obligation demonstration, please call us at 770-989-1776 or email:

This is a video surveillance solution you need to see in action to fully appreciate.

If you’re visiting us, the Memoreyes main office is located in the Norcross district of Atlanta, Georgia.


3039 Amwiler Road
Atlanta, GA 30360


  • Requires No Capital Expenditure
  • Reduces Property Damage and Repair Costs
  • Reduces Need for Expensive Guards
  • Recognizes License Plates to Document Who’s On Property
  • Monitors Gate Performance to Detect Operational Issues
  • Improves Incident Response and Documentation
  • Enhances Resident Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Incorporates Thorough Privacy Protections

Learn more about how Memoreyes benefits apartment owners, property managers, and residents.