Residents Benefits

Residents feel safer knowing they
have an always present, always
working  surveillance system

Peace of Mind

Our always-present, always-working system deters vandalism, theft, and unauthorized visitors. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

Our well-crafted systems blend into the environment and lend an upscale feeling to the community. Plus, by deterring property damage, the property always looks its best.

Privacy Assurance

MemorEyes values the privacy of residents, with carefully developed privacy policies. For example, our solution meets or exceeds license plate reading standards set by California, a state known for its leading privacy regulations.

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"Memoreyes mitigates so many risks. We haven’t had an event since the system went in."

"This is just a new level of property management efficiency."

"The Memoreyes system allowed us to recover over $8,000 in gate damage expenses."

"Vendors are a lot timelier. And I know for a fact this has helped us attract and retain residents."

"Residents offer comments all of the time about how comforting the system is."