Property Owner Benefits

Memoreyes’ intelligent video

surveillance solution provides property

owners with a compelling financial return

Memoreyes’ intelligent video surveillance solution provides owners of apartment communities with a compelling financial return.


Risk Mitigation

The thoroughness, reliability, and effectiveness of the Memoreyes solution mitigates ownership risk as it relates to liability, property protection, resident turnover, and technology obsolescence.

No Capital Expenditure

We deliver a fully leased solution with no capital expenditure on equipment and a short lease term. We also can provide alternative financing structures that work best for your business.

No Maintenance Expenses

We maintain it and upgrade the software for as long as you lease it.

Reduce Security Guards and No Live Monitoring Required

Our solution is fully automated, reducing the need for security patrols and human eyes to monitor video feeds.

Lower Property Damage Costs

In addition to deterring property damage, such as recurring damage to gate arms, we enhance your ability to identify perpetrators and recover repair costs.

Verified Vendor Visits

Automated license plate recognition, coupled with a database of known contractor plate numbers, provides a verified audit trail of vendor visits – improving oversight and reducing overbilling.

Future Proof

Our leased solution eliminates the risk of investing in technology that might soon be obsolete. Complimentary system upgrades are included in the monthly leasing fee.


For example, in a typical apartment community, the cost of a leased complete Memoreyes system is only about $800 for a 200 door apartment complex.


  • Requires No Capital Expenditure
  • Reduces Property Damage and Repair Costs
  • Reduces Need for Expensive Guards
  • Recognizes License Plates to Document Who’s On Property
  • Monitors Gate Performance to Detect Operational Issues
  • Improves Incident Response and Documentation
  • Enhances Resident Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Incorporates Thorough Privacy Protections

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"Memoreyes mitigates so many risks. We haven’t had an event since the system went in."

"This is just a new level of property management efficiency."

"The Memoreyes system allowed us to recover over $8,000 in gate damage expenses."

"Vendors are a lot timelier. And I know for a fact this has helped us attract and retain residents."

"Residents offer comments all of the time about how comforting the system is."