Property Managers Benefits

Memoreyes’ automated video
surveillance solution delivers
numerous operational benefits.

For property managers, Memoreyes’ automated video surveillance solution delivers numerous operational benefits.

Property Protection

Continuous video surveillance deters property damage, including reducing damage to entrance gates and gate arms. And when damage does occur, our system makes it easy to identify those responsible and recover repair costs.  Moving cameras allow a thorough monitoring of outdoor activities through cell or computer for Property Managers and Owners.

Automated Monitoring

Unlike traditional surveillance systems, Memoreyes doesn’t rely on security patrols or apartment staff to monitor resident activities 24×7. Instead, our advanced cameras and sophisticated software work together to proactively alert management about potential issues and to provide indisputable video evidence when needed.  A user-friendly web interface makes it easy to document incidents, including finding and sharing needed video clips.

Improved Entrance Control

Our unobtrusive cameras add a layer of security without slowing down or complicating your existing entry processes.

Verified Contractor Visits

Automated license plate recognition, coupled with a database of known contractor plate numbers, provides a verified audit trail of vendor visits — helping you to better oversee their activities and reduce overbilling.

Improved Resident Satisfaction

Memoreyes appeals to security-minded residents by increasing peace of mind while valuing privacy. Detailed logs and video evidence help to resolve disputes and remove a potential source of friction between management and residents.

No Maintenance Hassles

We maintain it; all you have to do is enjoy the benefits. We continually monitor performance to ensure maximum uptime.



  • Requires No Capital Expenditure
  • Reduces Property Damage and Repair Costs
  • Reduces Need for Expensive Guards
  • Recognizes License Plates to Document Who’s On Property
  • Monitors Gate Performance to Detect Operational Issues
  • Improves Incident Response and Documentation
  • Enhances Resident Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Incorporates Thorough Privacy Protections

Learn more about how Memoreyes benefits apartment owners, property managers, and residents.



"Memoreyes mitigates so many risks. We haven’t had an event since the system went in."

"This is just a new level of property management efficiency."

"The Memoreyes system allowed us to recover over $8,000 in gate damage expenses."

"Vendors are a lot timelier. And I know for a fact this has helped us attract and retain residents."

"Residents offer comments all of the time about how comforting the system is."